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Residential Life Student Housing

California Institute of the Arts

Santa Clarita Valley, California

The California Institute of the Arts Student Housing project presents opportunities to enhance the campus and enrich student life in a significant way. The new building will add capacity by up to 400 beds and provide desperately needed classroom and rehearsal space.

The buildings are sited to respond to the natural topography and solar orientation and to create a new welcoming front door to campus. The first floor is arranged around a courtyard and is entered through a gateway which connects back to the main campus building. A series of classrooms, rehearsal spaces and a café make up the public floor and are arranged to relate to and spill out to the courtyard. The courtyard will be equipped with lighting, sound and AV capabilities to allow for staged or impromptu performances. The housing above is accessed by stair or elevator and is arranged as pods separated by daylight lounges.