Wangsan Marina Master Plan


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Wangsan Marina Master Plan

Incheon, South Korea

The vision for this project calls for the development of a competitive Sailing Venue for the 2014 Asian Games on a proposed site at Wangsan Beach on Yongyu Island, near Incheon, South Korea. This initial project is intended to then serve as the catalyst for future expansion of the marina into a small boat recreational marina after the Asian Games to serve the metropolitan area of Seoul and Incheon. In addition to an expanded marina, the future development will include uses such as hospitality, retail, housing and/or other entertainment uses to create a marina oriented destination resort area within the context of the Yongyu and Muui Tourism Complex currently in the planning stages by the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ).  

The goal of this proposed master plan project is to create a phased strategy for initial development of the competitive Sailing Venue and subsequently its expansion into a small boat marina with related hospitality and resort development.  Final determination of the exact components to be included in the development program will be based on requirements from the Asian Games, market analysis to be conducted as part of this master plan and discussions with Korean Air representatives.