444 South Flower Plaza Renovation


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444 South Flower Plaza Renovation

Citigroup Center

Los Angeles, California

When downtown Los Angeles' office buildings first started sprouting up, the city had a very different attitude about civic plazas. Most of those spaces were empty, windswept concrete yards, not places of dynamic urban activity or real civic engagement. AC Martin’s recent renovation of a modernist plaza outside this major downtown high-rise is a good example of how this attitude has changed. Solutions implemented on this project include:

  • A once-barren space was filled with an intricate network of elements that would make it as walkable, sittable, and people-friendly.
  • A diagonal pattern of stone pavers, which lead visitors to and from the main entry embraces the urban grid.
  • Artful use of illuminated colored glass boxes lining the entryways provide clear wayfinding.
  • Alternating light and dark pavers and Palo Verde trees that create dappled light help to offset the heat island effect.
  • The new landscape design, comprised mostly of droughttolerant succulent gardens in dark brown oxidized Cor-ten steel planter boxes. Water features, seating areas, and orange umbrellas were added to provide a lush protective backdrop against the bustling city traffic.
  • The buildingís terraced storefronts were re-imagined to include new steel blade signage that not only unifies the facades but also gives the shops a new sophistication.

444 South Flower - Landmark


  • 2012 Electrical Excellence Awards
    • National Electrical Contractors Association, Los Angeles Chapter
  • 2012 Rose–Good Ideas Category, Roses & Lemon Awards
    • Downtown Breakfast Club