845 Olive

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845 Olive

Los Angeles, California

Situated on a pair of narrow mid-block lots, this 29-story mixed-use development in LA’s Financial District spans two city streets with pedestrian-friendly commercial spaces and residential lobby entrance at the ground level. Views to the above-grade parking structure are shielded on both street frontages by façade designs comprised of residential units, resident amenity spaces and translucent channel glass. Inspired by the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of Southern California, 205 residential units feature large open-air living spaces. Whether entertaining guests or enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home, residents can open a full-width sliding glass wall system to transform their unit. The result is a seamless blending of indoor and outdoor space. Residents choose from an array of landscaped terraces including a rooftop terrace on the tower’s 29th level, a spacious terrace on the 8th level including passive seating areas, a sculptural water feature and dog run, and a pool and spa deck with private cabanas on the 12th level.