Arts District Center

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Arts District Center

Los Angeles, California

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles’ rapidly evolving Arts District, this 12-story mixed-use development dynamically blends three key components – a 129-unit Live/Work condominium tower clad from top to bottom in artwork created by a group of local muralists, a highly creative 113-room boutique “art” hotel, and over 70,000 square feet of community-serving retail space including a diverse array of shops and restaurants. Arts District Center draws inspiration from the local LA Arts District, using art as a unifying theme. Nearly a decade in development, the resulting project has intentionally differentiated itself from others by infusing artistic flourishes throughout. Additional examples of this guiding vision include dedicating a pedestrian-friendly Art Plaza on the corner of Fifth and Seaton Streets, over 10,000 square feet of Art Gallery/Event space and over 3,000 square feet of artist-collaborative space known as “CoLab” for aspiring designers and artists.