EMILY™ 2.0

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EMILY™ 2.0

DSA Pre-Checked 21st Century Classrooms

The  EMILY™ brand of DSA pre-checked, site-built classrooms has provided a cost-effective classroom replacement solution to the California educational system for the past 18 years. This fall we present EMILY ™ 2.0 — a complete re-invention of this classic design that is carefully tuned to the concerns of modern education in the California K-12 environment.

EMILY ™ 2.0  is a fully electrified, Zero-Net Energy, 21st Century classroom that incorporates lessons learned from COVID-19. The new classroom is equipped with a superior air-filtration system, passive ventilation, and an expansive connection to the outdoor—all responding aggressively to the health concerns that we expect will remain with us into the future. Additionally, as a ZNE design covering most climate zones in California, EMILY ™ 2.0  helps eliminate energy costs, allowing school districts to allocate their budgets elsewhere.

This site-built classroom design uses the efficiency of standard carpentry and local construction companies. Unlike modular products, construction dollars stay within the community. The structure utilizes Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) technology in order to reduce expensive contractor time-on-site; it will be the first DSA approved project of this type in the state of California. A wide array of exterior sheathing options allows Districts to select materials and an appearance that will complement existing campuses.

Equipped with four teaching walls and two projector mount locations, the configurability of EMILY 2.0 provides the flexibility to support multiple teaching and learning styles, including multiple break-out sessions and small group collaboration. Expansion capability to the outdoors allow for supervised project work outside, active embodied-learning curriculums, and more expansive activities that a traditional 960 sf classroom cannot hold. 

The space is also designed to expand internally with adjunct spaces that offer a 1,350 sf classroom as well as a series of breakout spaces, teacher workrooms, adult and child toilet rooms, and support spaces. Sliding acoustic wall panels provide the option to link up to 5 classrooms to create even more flexible layout opportunities.