Horticulture Facility, Las Positas Community College

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Horticulture Facility

Livermore, California


Livermore, California

The design of a new facility for the Horticulture program at Las Positas College is currently underway. The new Horticulture Facility includes classrooms, labs, offices, resource areas, and a greenhouse. The butterfly roof canopy of the new classroom building at the Las Positas Horticulture Facility, reminiscent of a pergola, serves as a welcoming entrance for staff, students, and guests as well as an outdoor learning space, gathering space, and public event space. The form of the butterfly roof highlights the beauty of the surrounding hills and helps blend the new building with its site. With the collaborative design process, the new Horticulture Facility has achieved many teaching opportunities for the students. Integrating learning with the built environment, the facility has many different types of fencing to serve as a teaching tool for the Horticulture students, while also still providing required separation and security.