Parkside Dining Hall, CSU Long Beach

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Parkside Dining Facility Remodel

California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach, California

The 15,500 SF fast-track remodel of the Parkside dining facility at CSU Long Beach converted a plain cafeteria-style dining hall into a more diverse and eclectic ‘neighborhood-like’ dining experience. The new space aims to “deinstitutionalize” the student dining experience by creating a more comfortable, welcoming and home-like atmosphere. It will provide the students with different food offerings (pizza, healthy/vegan, open grill and comfort food) within the campus setting, allowing students to choose their dining experience (food and mood) much like one would in an urban environment.

AC Martin’s design offers seating areas with different characters and styles—from more communal seating for groups and informal gatherings to individual bar seating for quiet types. We also provide an outdoor shaded dining area/lounge to be open 24 hours. Our design differentiates the dining areas with special characteristics by varying lighting, finishes, colors and ambiance. The idea is to create a “home away from home” for students and provide them with opportunities for gathering, meeting, and collaborating during meal hours and finding a space of their own—a place they feel represents them.


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