Vintage High School Farm, Napa Valley Unified School District

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Vintage High School Farm, Napa Valley Unified School District

Napa, California

The design process of this new campus began with a needs assessment and a list of objectives from critical stakeholders, including Students, Instructors, Program Volunteers, Maintenance Staff, and School and District Officials. The design team met regularly with the stakeholders, as well as key Consultants to ensure the design fulfilled anticipated needs. The new site will feature teaching labs, a working farm, and a professional quality training kitchen. A new multi-purpose center will also be included as a venue to showcase VHS and its exciting programs. All facilities are set up in conformance with relevant industry standards. The educational labs will share an outdoor court with direct access to vineyards, vegetable gardens, and barns. Students and staff will host community events on the court, featuring student grown/ student-prepared cuisine. This site is located in a boundary area between agricultural and residential uses; therefore the barns are largely kept away from neighboring properties. However, all buildings are carefully sited to allow for construction of additional facilities as the programs continues to expand over time.