West Edge

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West Edge

Los Angeles, California

West Edge stands as a testament to modern urban living. The high-density, mixed-use development opens to the surrounding community through an expansive public outdoor plaza and retail promenade. Innovative residential buildings overlook these public spaces with 600 units of creative loft style and flex unit plans. The residential program includes 90 below-market-rate workforce housing units and 31 low-income units to serve the community. The mixed-use project also includes an 8-story, 200, 000 square foot office building, retail, food & beverage, and a grocer. The transit-oriented development, located less than one block from the Expo/Bundy Metro station connects residents, employees, and visitors to and from downtown Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles. The design team focused heavily on connecting the past to the present - the history of the site that includes the famous Martin Cadillac dealership (established in 1975), paying tribute to the prominence of the site that has always been part of Los Angeles’ history.