Cal Poly Pomona-COBA

Pomona, California
Three-building complex for the College of Business Administration (comprised of nearly one quarter of the student body)
The dynamic 'folding' roof canopy design element–an abstraction of the surrounding hills–creates a branded identity for the College of Business;
The classroom building includes: five 70-seat, tiered case rooms; flat classrooms, active learning classrooms, and multiple breakout rooms
Faculty and student services include: offices, meeting/conference rooms, small retail (bagel, convenience), and a dedicated student club space;
Sustainable strategies include: low 'E' glazing window systems; energy efficient lighting systems; a cool roof; connection for the campus chilled water system; efficient HVAC system; and gray water irrigation
Certified LEED® Silver

The College of Business Administration comprises nearly one quarter of the student body at Cal Poly Pomona and had long outgrown its facilities, housing classrooms across campus in different buildings. The new facility for the College consists of three separate buildings designed to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding College. In total, the three buildings add over 75,000 gsf of space for the college.  

The complex is made up of a cluster of complementary structures, bound together by a dynamic ‘folding’ roof canopy. The concept was driven by the Business School’s desire to have a branded identity related to the physical aesthetic of their new facility. The design originated from an abstraction of the layered, rolling hills directly behind the structure to the north. The materials—copper, wood and painted metal—give warmth to the neutral palette of the other structures and work well with the native landscape and surrounding site.

The building has been certified LEED Silver and employs a number of sustainable features including: low ‘E’ glazing window systems; a connection for the campus chilled water system; energy efficient lighting systems; a cool roof to reflect sunlight; an efficient HVAC system; water-saving plumbing fixtures; and grey water irrigation system.