Engineering Building IV

San Luis Obispo, California
104,000 GSF
Responds to site, optimal solar orientation and programmatic needs.
Encourages collaboration between disciplines and to facilitate the exchange of ideas.
Plaza is a dynamic space where students can move projects and experiments out of the building.
Exterior is a vibrant combination of cement, metal panels, and high-performance glass.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s engineering building is designed to look to the future. The goal was to create an environment that encourages exploration within the distinct disciplines and be a catalyst for creation between disciplines.The massing, material selection, and site development reflect a level of excellence and sophistication not previously seen in facilities on campus. Engineering IV completes the Engineering precinct and is a visible symbol of the extraordinary work being done at the college. 

The 104,000 SF building houses the departments of mechanical, aerospace, civil, materials, industrial, and biomedical engineering, as well as Deans’ offices. The program includes laboratories, lecture halls, design rooms, support spaces, and faculty offices.