Hugo Suarez

Studio Principal

Hugo is a Studio Principal with over 45 years of experience. He has overseen project management and production of a wide range of urban residential projects, especially in the multifamily and affordable housing markets in California, Arizona, Texas and Hawaii.

Having worked on numerous complex affordable housing projects, Hugo has extensive knowledge of funding and building codes requirements as well as support services and essential amenity needs. He is passionate about addressing today’s homelessness issues in California. He strongly believes that he could be part of the solution by diligently working with many of his affordable housing developer clients and other non-profit organizations to deliver as many affordable housing projects as possible. For many of the mixed-use and market-rate housing projects, he analyzes a site to identify all potentials and collaboratively works with clients, consultants, and builders to create a project that aims to achieve its maximum values. Hugo’s project management approach is deeply rooted in efficient and strategic planning at the early stages of a project to analyze schedule, budget, and potential challenges.