Pool Deck & No Dive Bar at the Wilshire Grand


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Pool Deck & No Dive Bar at the Wilshire Grand

Los Angeles (DTLA), California

The "Surfurbia" ecology lives almost entirely on the expansive 7th-level pool deck and pool bar. Various patterns of blue and white tile mark key features including elevator and escalator lobbies, pool house showers, changing rooms, and the pre-function spaces adjacent to the indoor/outdoor Junior Ballroom. Together with a collection of murals and graphics of synchronized swimmers, navy blue sun chairs and striped lounge chairs, the pool deck experience evokes the nostalgia of summers at a Southern California beach house. A hand painted mural of “The Pool Ladies”, five synchronized swimmers in red suits, reinforces the mood and experience.

The pool bar is literally a pool carved into the side of the building with a bar in it. The sideways swimming pool is complete with white tile and blue lane dividers, a pool ladder and underwater pool lights, minus the water. The furniture includes blue flotation chair foam while the lights overhead are fashioned after buoys. Planter boxes frame the dining areas and are marked with oversized pool-depth marker symbols and the traditional “No Dive” symbol, which is where the bar gets its name.