Celebrating AC Martin-designed landmarks in downtown Los Angeles

Celebrating AC Martin-designed landmarks in downtown Los Angeles

AC Martin has a history of working in buildings the firm has designed. After 20+ years in our current location, 444 S. Flower Street in Downtown Los Angeles, we are moving to another of the 24 downtown Los Angeles buildings we designed. Before we reveal our next location, we reflect on AC Martin-designed landmarks in downtown L.A. and share some fun facts about the projects. Stay tuned for the revelation of our new home. We hope to see you there soon!


Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall was designed and built by the Austin, Parkinson, and AC Martin team in 1928. At 32 stories and a height of 452 feet, it remained the tallest building in Los Angeles for nearly 40 years until Union Bank Plaza opened, also designed by AC Martin, in 1968.



City National Bank Plaza's twin 52-story towers are no stranger to the big screen and television. The plaza was featured throughout the 1971 movie, The Omega Man, and in the 1976 film, Marathon Man. The complex was regularly featured in the 1976 mini-series, The Moneychangers. In the 2015 film, San Andreas, one of the towers collapses on the other when a major earthquake hits.



Los angeles department of water and power (ladwp) | JOHN FERRARO BUILDING

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) downtown headquarters, renamed the John Ferraro Building, was built in 1965. The LADWP Headquarters was the first building in California to achieve LEED Zero Energy which AC Martin helped to achieve.


Union Bank Plaza

The 42-story Union Bank Plaza was built in 1968 and took the place as the tallest building in Los Angeles; a title previously held by Los Angeles City Hall, also designed by AC Martin.